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Moldova :: Soroca. The town and the fortress

The town of Soroca, situated in the north of Moldova, is well known for its well preserved fortress built on the bank of Dniester river. The citadel was built by the order of Petru Rares, the ruler of Moldova, between 1543-1546. By the way, the voivode himself made the project — a fortress of a cilindrical form, fortified by 5 towers of 20 metres high. In the fortress there remained preserved two-storey rooms — barracks, the church, the warehouse.

The Soroca Fortress was visited by such personalities as emperor Piotr I, Bogdan Hmelnitsky, Timush Hmelnitsky,Alexandr Suvorov Today, tourist from all over the world come here to admire the fortress museum.

Hardly approaching to Soroca, one would necessarily observe an original monument — The Thanksgiving Candel. This monument was built in 2004 on the peak of a rock. The tower reminding a candel reaches 30 metres high. Inside the venue there is a chapel and a souvenir store. Next to it there is a panoramic field, where an incredible view opens to the old Dniester, to ukrainean houses on the other side and to the town of Soroca.

Soroca is an old town with sinuous roads situated in a hilly location. If you advance to the top of the town, you will reach „The gipsy hill“, where gipsies have been living couple of centuries. Gipsy houses are worth seeing — one of them remindes the russian Bolshoy Theatre from Moscow, decorated with a sculpture presenting a horse and a chariot, another reminds The Swallow Nest of Crimeea, some of them simply amaze by their architectural forms and exterior design. One thing is sure — one can’t see anything like this anywhere else in the world!

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