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Moldova :: Wine road

The viticulture in Moldova descends from prehistoric times, but since Middle Ages and till present days, represents the main branch of Moldavian economy. Today, one can’t imagine knowing Moldova without tasting its splendid beverage, prepared with all the skill, soal and experience of moldovan wine makers, or without visiting the factories and wine yards. Tourist lines cross the Wine Road of Moldova too. Our foreign guests have an unique occasion not just to get acquainted with the process of wine preparation and its history, but also to try by themselves collecting grapes and crushing must. But during autumn only. More, in the second week-end of October, Moldova becomes a true center of wine culture. The Yearly Festival of Wine is held here. The main events are hosted by the International Exhibition Complex Moldexpo. Within the festival, there are organized the parade of wine makers (in the downtown), the tournament of the best homemade wine, tournaments between wine makers and of course, a large exhibition of autochtonous beverages. The event is entertained by a bright show, songs, dances and degustations.

During other seasons you also have the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments in wine complexes, drive through famous underground „kingdoms“ and admire rare wine collections.


Cricova is a true underground town, covering an area of 53 hectares. Each tonnel has its own name here — Feteasca Street, Cabernet Street etc. Along the street one can’t find houses or other buildings, but barrels filled with „nectar of the gods“. A part of underground kigdom is destinated to production process. Namely here, with the use of technologies similar to those of producing french champaign, sparkling wines are made, subsequently exposed to aging during a period of 3 years. The factory itself is situated in the town of Cricova, near Chisinau.

Access to the galleries is made by car or electric trains. One is permitted not only to drive along the strrets, but also get near to the pearl of the underground kigndom — the collection that gained the status of National Tresure. The pride of vinotheque is represented by a collection of wines from 1902 harvest, as well as more than 150 brands of wine of Mosel, Rhein, Burgundy etc. A part of this collection belonged to a well-known nazi Hermann Göring.

The vinotheque, component part of an integer complex, consists of 5 degustation halls, each of them representing a masterpiece of architecture and interior design. Each hall has its own history. Guest books are worth exposing in the most famous museums in the world. Some of the most notorious personalities expressed their admiration on their pages: monarchs and presidents, party leaders and famous politicians, showbusiness stars and other famous people. One of the most valuable letters for the enterprise was written by the first cosmonaut Yurii Gagarin.

In the protocol halls, the tourists are offered the opportunity to take part at degustations and a bottle of wine for present!

Milestii Mici

„Milestii Mici“ enterprise (Ialoveni district, Mileştii Mici parish) is also proud of its underground galleries, with a total capitalized length of 55 km (!). They form another underground town from Moldova, with streets and oak barrels where wine is kept. You can drive there or walk. Before entrance one can observe an interesting spring, representing many bottles from which flows out a liquid reminding wine.

„Mileştii Mici“ enterprise is famous for the biggest collections of wines in the world — it counts more than 2 million bottles! The degustation of wines takes place in one of the special arranged halls.


Situated in Purcari (Stefan-Voda district), the wine factory gained its worldwide fame not only for medals conquered at different prestigious competitions, but also for delivering wines to the royal family of Great Britain. Its beverages are trully divine. The receipt cannot be repeated and is kept in secret. On the other hand visiting the factory and its touristic complex is not prohibited.

Today at Purcari one can find an old style built modern hotel, degustation halls, a restaurant, sport fields and tennis tents, wine cellars. Fishing and picnics are also available on the bank of the lake.

Chateau Cojusna

The trip to the wine factory of the Company „Migdal-P“, more known as trademark „Chateau Cojusna“ will offer you only unforgettable emotions! In the middle of picturesque wine yards a stone tower ascends. From its heights a fantastic view to the village and wine yard is opening. But if you descend to the cellars, you may get acquainted with the vinotheque „Migdal Galleries“, where wines and diwines are kept. Of a big interest may be considered the excursion through production units, where one can witness no old school tradition in wine making is being neglected though using modern technologies.

Tasting the special beverages made in Cojusna is available in one of the 4 degustation halls.

Chateau Vartely

In the approaches of the town of Orhei, an unusual mansion is situated. It is called Chateau Vartely and appeared on the map of Moldova in 2008. Besides the enterprise, where quality wines are made and trips are organized, on the territory one can find houses for rent, a two-storey restaurant, wine warehouses and a cellar where the vinotheque, degustation halls and sauna are located. One can also find sport pitches, billiard hall and a play yard for children. Resting at Chateau Vartely venue will be truly unforgettable. By the way, the visitors come here not for trips only, but for dinners or over special ceremonies.


„Ampelos“ — is a piece of family wine factory, situated in the parish of Crocmaz, Stefan-Voda district, and produces small parties of quality wines. Guests are met here open-heartedly, are offered to take part in collecting grapes and wine making process. After a while, guests are invited to take their „own barrel“ of wine.

„Ampelos“ offers also piece of local cuisine, as pumpkin soup, traditional mamaliga and sarmale (forcemeat rolls in cabbage leaves). One can rest his soal here!

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